Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Seeking out places for internet in Kansas city

Yes, I'm still looking for a job and I don't have internet at home. Finding internet is somewhat a challenge in Kansas City. Here are my favorite spots to get free internet.

  1. Starbucks on Mainstreet. Sometimes a crazy place in the day. But they are open till midnight and that is great! You have to watch out for the foreign UMKC students that are loud and only one person buys a coffee and they stay and talk for hours taking up a whole area. Well, just plan on listening to your headphones.
  2. Crown Center. Yes, Crown Center is a good place to get free internet. On the weekend it is free parking, 3 hour parking on the weekdays ( with validation ). Truthfully Crown Center is a ghost town and you can also get free internet 24 hours. You can walk over to the Weston and pretend like your on a business trip. Sit in the comfy chairs and drink coffee. Thats what I do...
  3. Crossroads Coffee House. You know the old Coffee Girls place? Yeah, its open again. The place is still awkward. But the coffee is good and they have big tables and fast internet. The owner is a neat lady. If your feeling down she will most-likely cheer you up. ( thats were I am at right now )
  4. Your Friends house/ Boyfriends house. ( So true, am I right or what! )
Places that are not good for getting free internet.
  1. The Roasterie. Who wants to look for a job around a bunch of bratty people. And it is always packed with business meetings, babys crying, dumb UMKC students, So on and so forth. Also, They have a zillion people working behind the counter that dont know what they are doing ( excluding John ). I have tried to get a job here. ( when they opened years ago and when I was laid off last Oct ) I guess I don't look hip or I'm too fat to work at the Roasterie. We may never know, haha.
  2. The Library. I don't know why but I don't like this place.
  3. Westport Coffeehouse. Because I used to work there and the advertising agency across the street.
  4. The New Crave ( Java Something ). They have the worst coffee, its bad. The people that work are cool but the coffee is like drinking coffee from a old boot, yuck! Creepy old men go to this coffeehouse. If your into creepy old men you might like this place.
Ok, I'm done with this internet rant. Later guys


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Tulipana said...

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