Friday, August 21, 2009

If your a small business and your not>>>>>

Using some form of social media, you need to be slapped!
May it be, Twitter, Facebook, Myspace. If you are not using at least one, you must be a dumb lazy good for nothing.
One, You can use yourself for free advertisement. Set up a Twitter account. It only takes 15 min.
Let people know who you are and what your about. People like to be known and love to be remembered. This is a easy way to create a relationship with clients/customers and future clients/customers. No one wants to feel like a cow being herded into what they want. Think about it.
Twitter, Facebook, Myspace It is FREE So do it.

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I have been tanning lately. The place is new and quite small. It was a hard to find and awful website. But a super nice place. Very relaxing. After going for a week I thought I might talk to the owner that is always at the front desk. I was like hey, Do you have a twitter? She was like oh I have heard of that and totally dismissed what I was saying. I thought to myself, man she just missed out. I would have set one up for them. Oh well, missed out.

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