Friday, June 12, 2009

The Quest for a Jump Hour!

For quite some time I have been infatuated with watches.
I have been looking for a strange RETRO jump hour.
I have had no problem finding them on ebay.
Even found one with tony the tiger on it.
Alas, I have not committed to buying one.

I am in love with Bell & Ross. Relatively speaking, Bell & Ross is a watchmaking newbie—
it was founded by investment banking refugee Carlos-Antonio Rosillo just 15 years ago.
since then, the brand's unapologetic, oversize designs have become wrist-boosting classics.
This watch costs more than my car.

1 comment:

Papakea said...

Excellent starter post! Keep the images coming! I think watch design trends closely follow NASDAQ. (this from a sideliner guy with small wrists...)