Thursday, April 23, 2009

Coffee Town Kansas City..

YEP I said it...
Kansas City is known for barbecue & football. Yeah, everyone knows that.

One of my fav places to hang out is Broadway cafe. Some of the best damn coffee in the midwest. I promise! Its a place to have good latte and people watch. A smokers paradise. Way hip baristas. I always wanted to work there, I'm not cool enuf.

Hi Hat Is another good one to go to. Not the best coffee. The building to freaking awesome! A old gas station. Its sorta in the richie rich area. I would not be shocked to see a small dog in a purse or a bunch of big SUVs. har har...

The Roasterie. Of Course!
At fist I didnt like that place but after a few years it grew on me. Yeah, you got your snobbie snobs that go there sit with the mac books and get the non-fat, sugar free, soy, 20 ounce latte. Its great to sit outside and relax. I have even broght my guitar and played once. I used to live a block away. Brookside is such a neat area in Kansas City, its a must if you ever come here. Way rad garage sales, hint hint!

Westport Coffeehouse is my place. Ignore the website (awful!)
Its a good place to hang out at night. weekends open till midnight.
Oh yeah, I used to work here. Great place to work during the day, be crazy at night.
Right next to the GOOD bars in kansas city. You must try just plan coffee when you go. The serve Parisi Coffee an awsome local Kansas City roaster.

A Kansas City MUST! YJ's Snack bar.

Ok, i'm tired of typing. I need to do some work. laterz

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