Monday, November 24, 2008


This is just about the most fun I’ve had with my photos since I started making them look like little miniature models. The app is available in English (UK) and French and only for the Mac. A Windows/PC version looks like it’s in the works, but no word on when that’ll be released. For now, if you have a Mac, you can enjoy the pleasure in watching your photos slowly develop just like real Polaroid pictures!
And the app is easy to use! All you do is drag a photo onto the Polaroid camera and then wait until the photo “develops”. The final Polaroid automatically saves into your Pictures folder, but if you want to save a particular look in the development process, just double-click on the Polaroid and it’s done!

Try it and have fun!


Tenisha D said...

my daughter and I like your pictures.

Kameron D Kiggins said...

Did I mention I'm infatuated with Poladroid? I am.

Sat at my desk for a full 90 seconds, watching the image develop on the little icon. I could almost smell that aroma the old Polaroids emitted...